MISSION STATEMENT:   I'm a Canadian Californian interested in finding simple and surprising ways to break down the boundaries between art and life.

Self-Portrait as Alien.  (2023)

What I'm up to (July 2024):

- 3 special old paintings are going into a show at Grey Matter Beer, Kincardine (Canada) - up for July/Aug/Sept.  Organized by Curt Gaudon (check him out!)
- Gearing up for a found object show at Coastal Coffee in rural Ontario (Canada) this August (reception August 17).
- joining the Long Beach Open Studio Tour (California) October 26/27 to celebrate the long-overdue opening of the Lost Sock Gallery.
- Finished painting a logo I designed ten years ago on a wall for the homeless shower program at St. Luke's, Long Beach, California - mostly subcontracted to my wonderful offspring :-)
- painting lost socks (watercolor), while I incubate a story about one.  I find a lost sock on just about every walk I take, which is kind of ridiculous when you think about it.
- growing tomatoes, arugula, okra and a bunch of herbs
- making totes out of dog food bags
- trying to cut mustard flowers into mustard bottles.  Much harder to cut than the white #2's.
Things I'm collecting now:
- dog food bags made from woven plastic
- yellow plastic mustard bottles
- lost socks (singles or doubles. photos or the real deal.)
- interesting yellow trash (flotsam or other)
   Things I'm trying to get better at:
- breathing  (James Nestor)
- meditating  (Jeff Warren)
- posture  (Esther Gokhale)
- improv  (The Playful Stage)
- backstroke
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